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  Craig Baker has produced short videos of our warbirds in action at various fly-ins:

1.       Alan Yendle flies his SE-5a

2.       Eddie Dubransky, Ziroli Zero

3.       Dennis McKinney: Aero Tech Models' Ki84 Nakajima "Frank"

4.       Roy Roberts, Yellow P-47

5.       John Romeo, Balsa USA 1/3 Pup

6.       Roy Roberts, Ziroli Hellcat

7.       Randy Smith, Polikarpov

8.       Tommy McClellan, American Eagle Me109

9.       Jerry Pate and Henry Andrews, P-51 D and B models

10.     Jerry Bates' Interstate L-6 flown by Jim Weems

11.     Pica P-51, Mike Chilson

12.     Bates Helldiver, Tommy McClellan

13.     Yellow Aircraft P-47, Jim Weems

14.     Ziroli Skyraider, Byron Sauriol

15.     Ziroli P-51, G-62, Slick Larson

16.     Balsa USA 1/4 scale Nieuport C-1, John Mueller

17.     Ziroli 118" B-25, Jerry Pate

18.     Balsa USA Eindecker 90, Dale Cavin

19.     1/3 Balsa USA Pup by John Romeo & 1/3 SE-5a by Randy Smith

20.     Balsa USA DR.1, Bobby Poston

21.     T-28, Doug Imes

22.     Mac Hodges, 20' B-29

23.     Dan Stevens flies the Northrop YP-56 "Black Bullet"

24.     Ziroli B-25, Glenn Fields 

25.     Bates Helldiver, Tommy McClellan 

26.     Jack Devine FW-190, Nick Capone 

27.     Yellow Aircraft Spitfire & Captured German Cub, Keith and Brandon Dunlop 

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